Auto Scoll for div

advanced:{ autoScrollOnFocus: “input,textarea,select,button,datalist,keygen,a[tabindex],area,object,[contenteditable=’true’], div” } –> div will not be available by default.

External Supporting info:

jQuery custom content scroller

[I am not the owner of any of the mentioned source code ]


Inserting a character into text field

Link : rangyinputs-jquery-src.js  to the html page. (I am not the author.)

Download link : (I don’t own this account.)

To insert, use the following command:

$(“#inputTextBox”).insertText(a, caretPosition , “collapseToEnd”);

a –> to contain the character to be inserted

caretPosition –> position at which the character has to be inserted.

collapseToEnd –> cursor to be placed at the end of inserted text

Making a calendar icon non-draggable

Default jQuery code should be changed as below, to make the calendar icon non draggable..

$(“</img>”).addClass(this._triggerClass).attr({src: buttonImage, alt: buttonText, title: buttonText, draggable: false});

Other possiblities i tried are changing the css of that calendar icon