Auto Scoll for div

advanced:{ autoScrollOnFocus: “input,textarea,select,button,datalist,keygen,a[tabindex],area,object,[contenteditable=’true’], div” } –> div will not be available by default.

External Supporting info:

jQuery custom content scroller

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Inserting a character into text field

Link : rangyinputs-jquery-src.js  to the html page. (I am not the author.)

Download link : (I don’t own this account.)

To insert, use the following command:

$(“#inputTextBox”).insertText(a, caretPosition , “collapseToEnd”);

a –> to contain the character to be inserted

caretPosition –> position at which the character has to be inserted.

collapseToEnd –> cursor to be placed at the end of inserted text

Making a calendar icon non-draggable

Default jQuery code should be changed as below, to make the calendar icon non draggable..

$(“</img>”).addClass(this._triggerClass).attr({src: buttonImage, alt: buttonText, title: buttonText, draggable: false});

Other possiblities i tried are changing the css of that calendar icon

Behavioural Tracking and new add on named “collusion”

I am back here with an unknown stuff(many people) .I have planned to take this blog to next level with kind of good and interesting posts to stumble upon.I have been using Internet for about 3 to 4 years.Till date i find this place fascinating every time when I visit.But now I have gained a different perception towards this Internet world which has been a desirable (felt so) place for many youngsters and also children .You will also change your opinion after reading this post.How will you feel if someone follows you everywhere you go and make note of what you do without your consent???Embarrassed??Yes!!That is what happening here in Internet.Whenever you surf  , your tracks are being recorded and shared among various sites.I was like totally off when I came to know how many sites are watching my moves. I know that whenever we surf while logged into our account in places like Gmail,Facebook,etc detials of the sites we navigate through gets recorded.But recently I came to know that they track your moves even when you are not logged in.They track your moves to gather your preferences,interests,some personal information,etc as far as i know.We all think that Internet is absolutely free of cost.No,that is absolutely wrong.The cost to use Internet is our privacy.The reason behind this is to make lots of money by sharing our informations.If you search in Google for a word ,the results which you see differs from your friends.Because based on the details which these sites have collected ,the results differ.This is called as “BEHAVIOURAL TRACKING”.Recently i read an article from which i was able to know that Facebook has changed its privacy setting such that even after deleting our account our personal informations stay in their servers.These people provide us something for free of cost but indirectly make use of our most valuable privacy into their hands and make big money out of it .Mozilla Firefox’s  CEO Gary Kavocs recetly introduced an add-on which can be installed in your Firefox browsers which will show you the trackers.It is like tracking the trackers! It is named as  “COLLUSION”.After installing this add on ( a software which is used to enhance the potential of a browser or like to customize the browser functions ) , we can view  circles and lines linking those circles where circles are the websites and lines (directed ie with arrow heads) shows the flow of our personal data between  different sites .The shocking thing to note is that , our data gets transfered to sites which we havn’t visited while browsing also. I have uploaded a screenshot which displays the result of Collusion add-on (after browsing for half an hour .Websites i visited include : Facebook,Wordpress,Youtube,speaking24.forgot few other sites).

You can now think like ,even this add-on gathers our data!But that just gathers but doesn’t make any business out of those data.It stores the data about the websites which are tracking you only on your local machine .You can delete the data on the click of a button!!!By doing this we cannot stop others from tracking our data but then we can see who are tracking our moves.